This story has a ghost in it…


Alma and Gabriel’s Mother was once a classical singer, traveling the world and dating its richest men. When she abandoned her career for spiritual pursuits, she also abandoned her two children: Alma, her child by a wealthy New York financier; and Gabriel, her son by a South American mogul. Alma and Gaby maintained a connection to one another in spite of growing up continents apart and without their Mother who, sadly, never returned home. She died in India when Alma and Gaby were little.


Being abandoned by her Mother was too great a loss for Alma. She closed her heart at an early age, shutting out all memories of her Mother, and has since embarked on a life of loneliness. Working as a journalist, Alma now wanders the world in an unconscious search for a connection to others.


Through his studies of Music and the Psyche, Gaby was able to open his heart, forgive his Mother, and find inner peace. He longs to share this gift with his half sister, but knows that she will dismiss his offer as utterly foolish. So he devises a plan…


Gaby asks Alma to help him write a book based on his thesis, Music and the Psyche. He convinces her that they must travel the world in search of real life experiences to prove his scientific findings. Unbeknownst to Alma, each place that Gaby has selected to visit was an important stop on their Mother’s spiritual quest.


Through the journey of Shine On New World, Gaby helps Alma learn to forgive, to take inspiration from the past, and to tell the truth from love. Only then can the ghost, their Mother, be set free and become an Angel.